Lukas Mikula


Not just an olympic coach and organizer of few dozens of freeski camps but also a cook, driver, motivator, teacher and a soul skier. Lukas is driving UC as a team into direction which does not rely only on competition results, but most importantly also on huge amount of fun we have when we ski and progress together. Find out more about Lukas here | LinkedIn

Fanda Horejsi


Our UC apprentice proved very fast that believing in fresh blood is always a great decision. All our team riders love Fandas fresh riding style as much as technicality on rails. You will rarely see Fanda going back home from a snowpark earlier than you!

Ondra Benes


Ondra’s active freeski career was one huge pile of style and his game is still right there. He was one of the first mid european riders learning dubs back in the days but then decided to stick to smoothness rather then hopping on a serious comp train. Ondra supports other UC coaches as backup when necessary

Maxime Meunier


Max, frenchie in our team, is here to ride with kids on all levels and motivate them both with his riding and knowledge of our sport. He sleeps in his self-made RV in winter and is our nr.1 cook too.

Petr Pitucha


For Pity is skiing passion – of course, his motivation is to be like his 91yo grandpa who is still active skier. His biggest satisfaction is when he can share experience with other guys and then see their progress.



United Coaches is a sports club where talented and motivated skiers from all over Europe meet to progress their skiing. We, coaches at UC are here for our riders to make their dreams and wishes come true while trying to keep the risk of injuries as low as possible.

We catter for those who see themselves as Olympic heros but those who just wanna produce the sickes photos and videos to show their family and homies are welcome with same opened arms. We are not standard coaches as you know them from other ski teams, those who are just saying how to pop higher and how to spin more. We see us as guides in freeski life showing the way. We are here also to drive our kids to the mountains and then home, to cook for them, to help them with school when necessary, to make photos and videos of them, to laugh with them and to be friends on and off the mountain. In our eyes, this is what skiing should be about - fun with friends.

We do not coach on short term basis and joining the team requires full commitment to skiing. If you are looking for “one week coaching” we will be happy to direct you to coaches or camps which will be happy to work with you. If you feel like skiing is THE thing in your life and you would like us to help you form your way through our vision of skiing, feel free to contact us.